Exceptional frozen products

Traditional Czech frozen products made from fresh potatoes


Tábor croquettes

Taste these unique potato croquettes made according to a recipe from Tábor


Delicious recipes

Draw inspiration for a delicious lunch or dinner from our products. Lovers of meat dishes, lovers of light meals, and vegetarians – everyone will enjoy them. The variation of flavours offered by Chef Martin Svatek will impress you!


Taste Falafel

Falafel is a light meatless dish that can be served in many ways. Try for example falafel in a pita or with roasted vegetables. You will surely enjoy it.


Friall - production of frozen potato products

The Friall company is the largest manufacturer of frozen potato products in the Czech Republic. Our traditional assortment of French fries and potato wedges is gradually updated with potato products suitable for preparation in the oven or convection oven, which are preferred by proponents of healthy food due to their lower fat content.

Our products can be purchased at selected shops of these chains.