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About us

The company Friall is the largest producer of frozen potato products in the Czech Republic and employs 100 employees on average. The company specializes exclusively in manufacturing deep-frozen potato products and also offers a possibility of pallet storage in refrigerated chambers with the capacity of 4,000 pallets.

The traditional assortment of French fries, crinkle-cut fries and potato wedges is gradually supplemented and expanded by additional potato products suitable for customers active in gastronomy, and also by products suitable for cooking in ovens and convection ovens. Due to their reduced fat content the latter are sought after and preferred mainly by people interested in healthy nutrition.

Potato croquettes are a very popular and sought after product that is sold on the market under the name of Tábor croquettes. These croquettes are unmatched due to their flavour and ingredients; they contain cheese and are made according to a traditional recipe from Tábor.

The primary goal of the company Friall s.r.o. is the high quality of its products. Maintenance of a continuously high level of quality, hygiene and food safety is confirmed annually by an auditing company. The Friall company is a holder of BRC certificate, is certified by a quality management system according to the ISO 9000:2000 standard and is managed on the basis of a HACCP critical point system.

TV coverage of the popular show Jídlo s.r.o. on

Ketchup or tartar sauce? This is a crucial question when consuming popular delicacies! We are going to Tábor to have a look at the production of French fries, the consumption of which amounts to 3.5 kg per capita per year in the Czech Republic. You will learn, among other things, some tips on how to prepare them properly and what to watch out for when buying them. "I think the Czechs are too focused on price. They think that more expensive products are of the same quality as the cheaper ones", says Ing. Josef Hlavinka, the director of the company Friall s.r.o.



Our products can be purchased at selected shops of these chains.