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Roasted Duck Breast with Carrots, Red Wine Sauce and Potato Slices

Duck breast5 pcsSlice slits into the skin of the duck breasts, season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with chopped rosemary, and sear skin side down in a pan until fat is rendered, then turn and sear on the other side. Place in an oven preheated to 160 °C for 7–8 minutes. When done, let the meat rest so that the juices are not lost when slicing. Prepare a sauce from the caramelised drippings, add red wine and chicken broth, and reduce to about a third of the volume. Finally, season the sauce with salt and finish with butter.
Salt and pepper 
Rosemary1 sprig
Red wine1 bottle
Sugar100 g
Chicken broth500 ml
Butter50 g
Carrots200 gAdd oil to a preheated pan and sauté the carrots and shallots. Garnish with fresh blossoms.
Oil50 ml
Potato slices500 gFry the potato slices in hot oil and season with salt when done.
Sunflower oil500 ml